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Sustainability Management Policy

Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries aim for the business conduct in accordance with a sustainable development guideline with creation of the stakeholder confidence through the excellent and transparent operation, and continuous innovation development. The management is taken place as a practical guideline in the same direction in accordance with the international standard, under the following operating policy.

  1. Respect and comply with the relevant requirements and laws, and international regulations.
  2. Take into account the maintenance of balance in economy, society, and environment, and stakeholders of all parties for the sustainable business growth.
  3. Promote an abatement of the operating impact together with business growth to the extent of economy, society, and environment.
  4. Create an awareness on management policy to build a sustainable social foundation.
  5. Promote and develop the innovation and technology in operation for the sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.
  6. Transparently disclose the overall operation in sustainability in accordance with the international standard guideline to be the good model standard of behavior creation that leads to the continuous development.
  • Nevertheless, all directors, executives, and employees have duty to promote, support, advance, and observe in conformity to the policy and framework of the sustainability management.