Corporate Governance

Tax Policy

             Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries give precedence to tax issue in their sustainable and stable business development, contribution to the overall national development, and indication of the social responsibility which is a significant part of the national development reinforcement. Therefore, the Company establishes a policy for tax management, adhering to correctness, transparency, and verifiability consistency with Corporate Governance Code for the maximum benefit of all groups of stakeholders. To concisely manage taxation, and promote a maximum value addition to the shareholders, the taxation shall be properly paid as required by laws. The Company also maintains its reputation and good organizational relationship with the related tax agency of the Government, and provides a correct tax information on fact basis in business conduct, adhering to correctness, transparency, and verifiability.

  1. Comply with the Revenue Code and Taxation Law of the Kingdom of Thailand consistency with the business conduct.
  2. Not manage tax in non-transparency manner, and not intend to avoid tax payment.  
  3. Adhere to the Arm’s length Principle as if entering into a transaction with a non-related general supplier  in setting the transfer or purchasing and selling price between the Company and/or the related party.
  4. Coordinate and maintain a good relationship with an official tax agency with honesty, mutual respect, and trust under the Company’s standard of code of conduct.
  5. Train the employee who is in charge of tax to ensure that he/she will have competence and knowledge for the efficient tax responsibility and management.
  6. Support each company to observe this tax policy.