Corporate Governance

Whistleblower Policy

             If you are aware of fraud or misconduct, or believe there is a serious breach of the Code, once received the report from either internal or external, the company has a process to review the details in order to investigate the following facts:

  1.  The company has set contacts and complaints channel on the website, Annual Report, Corporate Governance Report and Business Ethics Manual for fast fact-finding process which includes:
    • 1.1 Sufficient clarification with details of evidence and complaints must be true and / or enough to investigate.
    • 1.2 The summary of important materials will be submitted to a focal person whom responsible for submission to the Investigation Committee which includes: Committee Center (Compliance), Human Resources Management Department, section of a person receives complaints and section of a person making a report (an employee case) to expand its fact-finding.
    • 1.3 The personal making the report will be kept fully informed throughout the investigation and will not be personally disadvantaged whether a person is an employee or a third party.
    • 1.4 The reporter may remain anonymous unless the reporter/the appellant sees that disclosure will be useful and enable the company to report the progress or able to request additional information in order to protect any future harassment.
  2. Process to ensure Fairness: The Investigation Committee will make sure that all reporting will be kept strictly confidential and secure within the law. The person making the report will be kept fully informed throughout the investigation. The Committee is aware of safety and damage to the whistleblower or the complainant and the respondent or those who cooperated in the investigation including sources of information or related parties. The action is signed and ratified by all parties concerned.
  3. Reporting Process: The Investigation Committee is responsible to report the Fact-finding directly to Krungdhep Sophon PLC Managing Director, Audit Committee and Board of Directors based on each incident by reviewing the appropriate report prior to the presentation to authorized personnel under Investigation Committee as the following criteria:
    • 3.1 Managing Director, Krungdhep Sophon PCL: concerning general management which has quite serious effect and under the supervision of the Managing Director of Krungdhep Sophon Public Co., Ltd.
    • 3.2 Audit Committee: related with Corporate Governance Policy and/or an intention act of fraud with serious impact.
    • 3.3 Board of Directors: the Audit Committee is of the opinion that the incident should be reported for information and/or to consider taking action on matters related to the Policy and Regulations and/or issues affect executives.
  4. Disciplinary Action and Result of Operations
    • 4.1 The punishment shall be in accordance with the Disciplinary action and/or legal requirements.
    • 4.2 In case, the reporter may be in contacted, the written result of investigation process will be notified.
    • 4.3 If there will be any amendments, the committee leader will report to the authorized personnel respectively.
    • 4.4.1 Company employee who violated or do not comply with the said policy will be considered taking under Disciplinary Action. There may be a warning notice and punishment or termination of employment. If found intentional violation, there may be litigation in civil and criminal penalties.
    • 4.4.2 Due to any violation or non-compliance with this company’s Directors policy, there will be an investigation and punishment with written warning notice or penalties as defined by law. If found intentional violation, there may be litigation in civil and criminal penalties.