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Data disclosure and transparency

Data disclosure

             In keeping with the policy to ensure operational and management transparency and accountability, and realizing the importance of accurate, comprehensive and early disclosure of significant data, the company has distributed various data and information via various in-house publications to keep investors and other relevant parties informed. เท addition, data is also distributed by various channels of communication and Stock Exchange media, including disclosure of annual operating results (Form 56-1), annual reports (Form 56-2), and disclosure via the company’s web-site :, Which is updated on a regular basis.

Relationship with investors

             Recognizing the importance of accurate, comprehensive and transparent data disclosure, including general data and data that have significant impact on the company’s share price, the Board of Directors has distributed the abovementioned data and information to investors and relevant parties via various communication channels provided by the stock Exchange. The company is also in the process of developing an alternative data distribution method by using the company’s Web Site to convey important information and news to shareholders and investors. In regard to Investor Relations activities, the company has delegated the duty of communicating with institutional investors, shareholders, analysts and relevant public sector organizations, to the General Administrative Manager, who can be contacted at phone number 02-871-3191 Ext. 229 or e-mail :