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Message from the Chairman

Dear Shareholders,

       Profit of your company declined by 2.3% to 90,812,486 in 2022: Traditional business steadily improved, the new security warehouse was slow in attracting new customers and land taxes increased. 

       The Thai economy gradually improved with recovery of tourism, some increases in foreign investment and continuing government assistance, although exports declined in the last quarters. The same trends are likely to continue in 2023 and the Thai economy should improve by about 3.2%, subject to geopolitical situations not worsening and the United States do not suffer from a serious recession. 

       The problem of cost inflation and economic disruptions continue and we are trying to find new businesses that could develop from document storage. Meanwhile we are continuing to improve our operations and develop our staffs. This year the board of directors has proposed to dividend payment equal to baht 9.50 and In 2023 the board of directors has proposed to increase dividend by 50 stang to baht 10 as we have sufficient cash reserves. 

       This year our Independent Director , Mr. Arun Chirachavlaand Mr. Ovart Phanprechakij has resigned and This year our executive director, and In 2023 Mr. Somsak Jaitrong has resigned. Our managing director Mr.Chanchai Lamyordmakpol has also resigned. On behalf of the board of directors I would like to thank them for their service and contribution during the time they served the company.

        We are also grateful for the dedication of our staffs we need to make our existing business more effective, discover potentials and realize them. Also, to grow our business into a very different future. and the trust that our customers and shareholders have in the company. We will strive to improve our services to them.

( Chote Sophonpanich ) 
Chairman of the Board