Company Profile


                  Previously named “Krungdhep Warehouse Co., Ltd.,” and renamed  Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Limited, the company was founded by Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited,   in 1961, for the purpose of conducting warehousing acitivities as approved by the Ministry of Commerce, initially utilising warehouses leased from external parties.

                  In  1965, the company increased registered capital to Baht 30 million to fund businsess expansion by  buying 2 pieces of land and warehouse buildings located in Bangpakong District from Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited. The first piece of land measuring around 32 rai was equipped with docks for ocean freighters and 16 warehouse buildings. The second site at the foot Rama 1 bridge in Thonburi measuring around 1 rai came with a warehouse which covered the entire ground. In addition, the company bought another plot of land equipped with one warehouse located in Bukkalo Sub-District, Thonburi District of Bangkok Metropolis.

                  In 1994, the company transferred its entire warehousing business to subsidiary company, KWC Logistics Co., Ltd., Formely  K.W.C. Wareshouse Co.,Ltd. The Company has changed its name on November 9,2014 which subsequently leased all business activities relating to document storage and administration. At present, the Company’s total registered capital of Baht 60,000,000 consists of 6,000,000 shares valued at Baht 10 per share.