Corporate Governance

Shareholders' rights

Recognizing the importance of shareholders' rights

             The Board of Directors realizes the importance of the company’s shareholders who have the right of ownership, the right to make decisions on major changes, and the power to control the company through the Board of Directors who has been elected to act on their behalf, the company has adopted the policy of giving equal importance to the right of every shareholder in accordance with the principle of equality, fairness as well as the relevant laws or regulations. Shareholders’ basic rights such as the right to participate in shareholders’ meetings, the right to buy/sell/transfer shares, to obtain adequate business information, or to receive a share of business profit, will be protected and shareholders will be encouraged to exercise their rights to the fullest extent. To facilitate contact and enquiry regarding shareholders’ rights in various matters, the company has appointed an Investor Relations Officer who will answer questions from shareholders and investors. The including rules and regulations of the company posted in website:

The right to participate in Shareholders' meetings

             Participation in shareholders’ meetings is a fundamental right of shareholders and has significant impact on the enterprise’s decision making process, hence the Board gives due importance to the right to participate in Shareholders’ Meetings and encourages shareholders to exercise their right to participate in shareholders’ meetings to the fullest extent. Shareholders have the right to be informed of rules, regulations and methods for participating in such meetings and to receive the necessary data and information relating the meeting agenda prior to the meetings so that they will be prepared to cast their votes, to express opinions or pose questions to directors, and to exercise their right to appoint other people as proxy. The company’s policy to encourage shareholders to exercise the abovementioned rights is clearly evident from the various procedures which have been adopted.